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[Alt.Kilt] Holiday Orders - New Kilts

Holiday Orders: Currently, Alt.Kilt is offering a 15% discount on all custom order kilts! Any new orders placed before December 5th, 2008 will be shipped by December 17th in order to guarantee holiday delivery.

Steampunk Kilt - $375

A custom made kilt featuring hand-painted 100% cotton base with antique brass rivets, gear and chain-link buttons and leather accents (including cutout shapes riveted/stitched on and a pleat return). This kilt had a rotary clasp left handed pocket and two smaller pockets on the right hand side. The apron cross-lock and leather strapping are adjustable and add a bit more flare to the function of the kilt. This special edition kilt is available from Alt.Kilt for a limited time at a cost of $375. Please email us at for more information!

We have been doing a lot of new designs and custom work.... check out our Flickr page and Etsy for photos and items!

Gift Certificates now available!
Alt.Kilt is happy to offer gift certificates on the request of multiple customers. Purchasers can choose any dollar amount - from $25.00 to $400 or more - which can be use toward any custom purchase at Alt.Kilt. Or, if the purchaser wants the dollar value to remain hidden, the certificate can be purchased for "A custom-made Alt.Kilt". Please contact us directly to see the options included in that offer. We will mail a filled out certificate to either the purchaser or the receiver. It is valid for 1 year from date of purchase.
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